10 Tips and Tricks From the Experts Before Taking Your dog to the Pit or Blind

We consulted a couple of the top retriever trainers in Arkansas on the most common mistakes do-it-yourself owners/trainers make when working with their duck dogs.

How To Get Peak Performance from Your Duck Dog

Whether you send it off or not, the successful dog needs continued training.

Larry Grisham Puts A Stamp of Pride on Arkansas Conservation Efforts

Larry Grisham heads a program that has raised more than $8 million for conservation efforts.

Arkansas Executives Answer Questions on the Camaraderie and the Thrill of the Hunt

From fields to reservoirs, state’s execs are fervent about their quest for mallards.

Duck Hunters Aren’t Feeling the Heat Yet

Conflicting climate change studies cloud thinking on environmental effects.

The Difference Between Hunting and Killing Lies in Tradition

Forget the gadgets. Focus your duck-hunting strategy on core fundamentals to produce consistent results

‘Duck Capital’ Stuttgart Reigns Supreme

An in-state debate still rages on where to go to find Arkansas best duck hunting spots. Stuttgart stakes its claim.

Early Rice Crop Looks Good, Bodes Well for Waterfowl Habitat

Early Rice Crop Looks Good, Bodes Well for Waterfowl Habitat

UPDATED: Game & Fish Announces Dates for 2010 Duck Hunting Season

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission meets today to approve hunting dates for this year’s late migratory bird season. We’ll update this post with the commission’s decision as soon as we know it. Meanwhile, let's review the commission's three options.

Big Lake National Wildlife Refuge Hopes To Lure Birds With Low Water

The massive oil leak off Louisiana's Gulf Coast has resulted in lower water levels at Big Lake National Wildlife Refuge in Arkansas, hundreds of miles to the north.

Waterfowl to Find More Food in Arkansas After Shift from Cotton to Corn

Ducks and geese migrating through Arkansas will find more corn fields to graze than a typical year.

Program to Keep Ducks From Gulf Oil Could Expand Habitat in Arkansas

KUAR-FM, 89.1, reports on a federal program that aims to keep migratory birds away from the Gulf oil spill by expanding habitats in places like Arkansas. The benefit to Arkansas hunters is obvious.

Ducks: Commission to Choose Among 3 Options for 60-day Season

In its monthly meeting the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission approved the early migratory bird seasons and looked over proposals from biologists for the 2010-11 duck seasons and other migratory birds. The commission will decide on one of three options for a 60-day duck season at its August meeting.