The Stretch Run of the 2020-2021 Arkansas Duck Season

The grind has officially started as Arkansas waterfowlers hurdle into the last 4 weekends of the season.

Arkansas Second Split Opens Friday

After a ten day hiatus, waterfowlers across the state will take their place amongst the fields, rivers and reservoirs with high hopes of a productive December stretch.

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Shadow of a Season

From weather to food supply to migration patterns, the disappointing 2018-2019 season had many causes.

Arkansas Duck Season Opens November 19th With Unfavorable Conditions

A extremely dry fall and warm temperatures throughout the country will make for some tough hunting conditions for a majority of Arkansas duck hunters this Saturday.

From the Outside: Perspectives On Duck Hunting In Arkansas

It’s such a reluctant, bittersweet feeling, but in my mind, somewhere in the mystic black timber of Arkansas, there are mornings to be had and photos to be captured that would look just like a Terry Redlin painting.


Arkansas Waterfowler Hall of Fame Announces Class of 2022 Inductees

The Museum of the Arkansas Grand Prairie is excited to announce inductees into this year’s Arkansas Waterfowler Hall of Fame.

A Weekend of Waterfowling at Greenbriar Hunting Club

Since its founding in 1945, Greenbriar has been regarded as a bucket-list stop for hunters from all over the United States and a champion for conservation in Arkansas.

Immigration Story of Plafcan Family Preserved on Prime Plot

By the time he set eyes on the Arkansas farm where he would spend the rest of his days, Paul Plafcan had already traveled far in life.

Thinking Young: Few Things More Special Than Taking a Child Hunting

What if, instead of booting our children out the door, we took them by the hand to places remote and majestic? What if we taught them skills they could use the rest of their lives? What if we shared stories and some of our accumulated wisdom and introduced them to new friends? What if we gave them the most valuable gift an adult can give — some of our time? Imagine the moments, memories and love we would get in return.

Grand Slam on the Prairie: Sportsmen Get Rare Chance To Fulfill List Of A Lifetime

After a few phone calls and a little networking, I built a lineup of hunts that most waterfowlers only dream about. Not one hunt but four outstanding private clubs – the proverbial bucket list of places or specific clubs that would cause someone to make a deal with the devil just to get one hunt on those hallowed grounds.

Hunting The Past (Pictorial)

Waterfowlers share a legacy generations in the making – stories and experiences so alike that only the names of the people and places change. A venerable history enriches our beloved pastime.


Getting the Lead Out: A Look Inside the Shotgun Shell

A shotshell is one of the most vital pieces of equipment in a hunter’s supply. But what’s the history behind them, how do they work and what makes them ideal for waterfowl hunting?

Get Your Gear: Retail & Product Services to Help You on the Hunt

The best-equipped hunters know what to wear and what to carry. Here are a few products any waterfowl enthusiast will find essential.   Black Label ELITE...

Chêne Gear’s Summer 2023 Product Launch

Memphis, Tennessee-based Chêne Gear has launched several new products as well as an initiative to give away Ducks Unlimited memberships for every wader purchased.

Sitka Releases State of the Art Turkey Hunting Gear

A leader in the design and development of technical hunting gear, Sitka of Bozeman, Montana has released the comfortable and protective Equinox Guard Collection for the upcoming turkey season.

Chêne Gear Launches Innovative Loyalty Program

Chêne Gear of Memphis, Tennessee recently launched a loyalty program titled Chêne Underground with numerous member benefits, including an opportunity hunt White Oak Duck Woods in Northeast Arkansas.

Irish Setter VaprTrek™ Boots Do the Trick in South Dakota

The dry, uneven terrain in north central South Dakota was no match for the new Irish Setter VaprTrek™ camo boots.