Chêne Gear’s Youth Duck Hunting Collection Debuts for the 2023-24 Season

Memphis-based Chêne Gear has launched an entire collection of youth duck hunting attire and an innovative wader program allowing kids to hunt with premium...

Conway Regional Duck Hunt Helps Fund Mental Health Program

Arkansas Duck Derby funds benefit Conway Regional Health System health care services. The Duck Derby is helping improve access to mental health care through expansion of Adult Psychiatric Unit (Behavioral Health) at Conway Regional Medical Center in 2021.

Hearing the Call: 10 Years of Elite Duck Calls

Three-time world champion Brad Allen recreates the music of mallards on the workbench of his shop.

Doing the Work: Doug Osborne Guides Conservation’s Next Generation

In the 12 years since he arrived in Arkansas, Osborne has made it his mission to continue the conservation of waterfowl through his specialty — wetland ecology

Influencer Darryl Moore Aims to Represent Diversity in Hunting

Ask a hunter what the purpose of their hunt is, and you’re bound to get a plethora of answers. But for Darryl Moore, the...

Greenhead Q&A: Hunting Preferences, Tips and Memories from 6 Arkansas Executives

Greenhead presents the 2023 Executive Q&A featuring a panel of executives sharing an bit about their time in the field.

Beyond Belief: Mythbusters Take on Duck Hunting’s Taller Tales

Greenhead consults with experts to see if certain waterfowler myths hold water.

Photo Essay: Blind Ambition

A loving look at duck blinds, the hunter’s home away from home

Expert Roundtable Tackles the ‘One Thing’ They Would Change About Duck Hunting

Our trio of experts in this year's roundtable discussion take on the prompt, "If I Could Change One Thing..."

The Fine Prints: The Artistry of Glenn Pollard

Since 2014, Pollard, who lives and works in Searcy, has created the annual Arkansas Ducks Unlimited sponsor print.

Forming Good Habitats: Exploring Migration Patterns & Habitat Management

Arkansas-focused land management is key to luring migrating ducks

Slow it Down with Roasted Garlic and Rosemary Duck Confit

This low-and-slow classic cooking method will ensure a perfect, tender duck every time.

Getting the Lead Out: A Look Inside the Shotgun Shell

A shotshell is one of the most vital pieces of equipment in a hunter’s supply. But what’s the history behind them, how do they work and what makes them ideal for waterfowl hunting?