Hunting traditionally is a sport passed on from one generation to the next.

Ask hunters for a favorite memory and they will often refelect on a day in the duck blind with Dad or recall cherished moments huntin with their own kids.

In these days of declining hunting licenses sales, youth participation becomes more important as hunting advocates look to energize the next generation of conservationists and outdoorsmen.

As Greenhead has noted in the past, youth hunts are events that can awaken enthusiam in kids, draw them into the fold and ensure a pipeline of participation. Perhaps the youngster, getting his first taste of action on a youth hunt, will not only grow up with a love of the outdoors, he will in turn pass on that love to his children.

In an online article for Ducks Unlimited, freelance writer John Pollman offers secrets for making a youth hunt a positive experience that will, hopefully, blossom into a lifetime of waterfowling for the participants.

From preparation to location, not to mention adult supervision, Pollman offers advice across a range of topics organizers can use to make a youth hunt a smashing success. If you’re planning a youth hunt or interested in what goes into organizing the events, read more here.