Nathan Waldrip, senior vice president of operations at Armor Bank, has learned a few things about duck hunting over the years, including the importance of doing one’s “hunting homework” beforehand. Greenhead recently caught up with Waldrip, a Moro native now living in Little Rock, to talk about his favorite gun, duck blind must-have and go-to spot for a post-hunt meal.

Number of days you hunt a season? I do my best to make it 10 days in a season.

Where do you hunt? Mainly in Lee and Monroe counties

Club name? I mainly hunt on our family farm along Big Creek close to Moro.

What kind of gun do you use? I like to use an old Remington 870 my dad gave me when I was in high school. I don’t think there is a tougher gun out there.

Favorite duck call? My lanyard has a Buck Gardner, a Paul Holloway and a Wayne Inzer custom.

Fields, reservoir or timber? There is nothing better than a good timber hunt, but I’ll go wherever the ducks are.

Rainy, nasty or bluebird sky? Bluebird

Favorite hunting story/memory? Duck hunting can be very humbling and will teach you valuable lessons. When I was in college, I came home on a Friday night to hunt on the farm that weekend, but I hadn’t done the scouting I needed to. We had a group going the next morning, and I recommended a spot on the farm I thought would be a good place to try. When we got to the spot early the next morning, the field was not flooded like I thought. It was pretty much bone dry. I learned the value of scouting and doing your homework, and those guys still don’t let me forget the time I tried to take them duck hunting with no water. It is fun to shoot a lot of ducks, but the people and stories are really what makes duck hunting fun for me.

What got you into hunting? When we were old enough to go, our dad would take my sisters and me to Warrior Hunting Club beginning in the mid-’90s when the hunting was amazing. Anytime you have that level of success it’s hard not to get hooked.

What is your most unusual “must have” in the duck blind? I don’t take many extras. Maybe the most unusual thing is that I only take one glove that is left handed and waterproofed to use when it is really cold.

Where is your go-to spot for breakfast/meals on a hunting weekend? We will usually cook our own breakfast at the house after the hunt, but Kountry Kitchen in Moro and the Warrior Clubhouse both have a good breakfast, too.

If you have children do you take them duck hunting? If so what are some of the highlights from these youth hunts? We have a 19-month-old boy, Miles, so he is not quite there yet. I am excited to be able to take him with me in a few years. He already has his own call he’s been working on.

Which Arkansas executive calls ducks the best? Seth Hampton, attorney at Quattlebaum, Grooms and Tull is probably the best I have heard. Our CEO at Armor Bank, Chad May, is really good as well.