Greenhead presents the 2021 Executive Q&A featuring a slate of executives sharing the moments, tips, guns and gadgets that have made their time in the field special.

Jeff Wisener

Dentist, Wisener Cooper & Fergus DDS PA
Family, Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry

Number of days you hunt a season? Twelve to 15

Where do you hunt? All over Arkansas and beyond

What kind of gun do you use? Benelli SBE II (or a .410 when it’s really good)

Favorite duck call? Rich-N-Tone

Fields, reservoir or timber? Prefer timber but love them all

Rainy, nasty or bluebird sky? Nasty

Favorite hunting story/memory? There have been many in and around Biscoe around Burnt Bayou and White Oak Ridge. Rumor has it there’s a vine in a big tree in one of the best duck holes and it has been used as a rope swing from time to time.

What got you into hunting? Friendships. I moved from Warren to DeValls Bluff in 11th grade and was introduced to duck hunting by Lonnie Robinson, Eric and Chris Newkirk, among others.

What is your most unusual “must have” in the duck blind? Dill pickle sunflower seeds

Where is your go-to spot for breakfast/meals on a hunting weekend? Craig’s Barbecue, Murry’s, Hurley House

Which Arkansas executive calls ducks the best? Bobby Martin versus Rob Finley. Ready, set, GO.