Greenhead presents the 2021 Executive Q&A featuring a slate of executives sharing the moments, tips, guns and gadgets that have made their time in the field special.

Alan Tedford

Managing Partner, Stephens Group Asset Management LLC

Number of days you hunt a season? Twenty

Where do you hunt? Our family hunting club and farm outside Gillett

Club name? Flag Lake Hunting Club

What kind of gun do you use? Twenty-gauge Beretta over and under

Favorite duck call? My father and grandfather have a long history of making duck calls. As a result of growing up around that, I am currently blowing one I made last fall with my father. The barrel of the call is made from Thuya wood and we used a Haydel double-reed insert.

Fields, reservoir or timber? Fields and reservoirs are what we have, but I love all three.

Rainy, nasty or bluebird sky? Bluebird sky

Favorite hunting story/memory? Most recently it would be when my oldest daughter shot her first duck, six years ago. I was hunting with my wife, Anne, our daughter, Mary Ellis, and our then 1-year-old lab, Ruthie, on her first hunt. At first light, a lone gadwall came in and my daughter shot it with one shot and then Ruthie went and made her first retrieve. While the hunt itself ended up being slow, in my mind, it could not have been a better morning.

What got you into hunting? I grew up going down to our family’s hunting club, and as a result, my father and grandfather got me hooked on it at a very early age.

What is your most unusual “must have” in the duck blind? I generally try not to carry too much with me when I’m duck hunting. When my daughters were younger, I would often be loaded down with a wide assortment of snacks, drinks and candy in order to keep them happy and quiet.

Where is your go-to spot for breakfast/meals on a hunting weekend? Considering there are no restaurants in the immediate area of Gillett anymore, we generally cook breakfast at our house after the hunt.

Which Arkansas executive calls ducks the best? Philip Grace, former co-owner of the Southern Company of North Little Rock.