Dry Lake Hunting Service
1709 Club Cove, Stuttgart, AR 72160
(870) 830.0299 • (870) 830.1900

ABOUT :: Dry Lake Hunting Service  We are located 15 miles south of Stuttgart in the lodges corner area. We have a lodge that sleeps 14. 5 Private bedrooms with baths. This is one of if not the best areas in the state for mallard habitat and winter concentrations of ducks. We hunt on family owned property that we farm and manage for ducks on a year round basis. We hunt in sunken pit blinds in rice and corn fields as well as a buckbrush slough. All hunts take place over unharvested crops of rice, beans, corn and millet. We have been in business for over 20 years.

A Typical Day
A continental breakfast before the hunt around 5:00am, then meet guides and leave lodge at 5:30. We travel from lodge in ATVs or lodge vehicles to your hunting area. The hunt lasts til around 10:00am. Then we arrive back at the lodge for a full breakfast/brunch around 11:00am, tag birds and take pictures. Fishing is available in the afternoon in a private reservoir adjacent to duck lodge. We leave for an afternoon hunt if requested around 2:00pm. A dinner of your choice which is coordinated with our cook around 6:30pm. Enjoy fellowship with guides and guests during the evening, then visit and arrange the next day’s hunting schedule.

Why We’re Best
Our guides, our habitat and our way of doing business. We have the most friendly, and safe and knowledgeable guides you will ever hunt with with. We are honest and loyal to our clients. We are committed to providing each hunter with a memorable experience. All hunts over unharvested food plots and are on private property we own and farm.

Most Rewarding Part
We enjoy the friendships and relationships we have developed with our clients over the last 20 years, who have become our “hunting buddies”. We enjoy seeing the excitement in their eyes, knowing they depend on us to provide them with a great hunt. It’s challenging to match wits with mother nature and ducks.

food & lodging Yes
unguided hunts Yes
goose hunting No
equipment Yes
bird processing Yes
women/children welcome Yes
mixed hunting parties No
wingshooting No
skeet shooting No