Big Creek Waterfowl Club
2881 Woodruff County 585, Wheatley, AR 72392
Hunting grounds are near Hunter, AR
(901) 497-7381

ABOUT :: Big Creek Waterfowl Club We offer prime Arkansas duck and goose hunting with thousands of acres of privately-owned land in Wheatley, Arkansas and the surrounding area, located on an excellent migration route, smack in the middle of proven “Duck and Goose Hunting Country”.

Big Creek Waterfowl Club understands that many waterfowl enthusiasts simply don’t have the time to seek out and find good waterfowl hunting clubs or prime areas themselves. We offer fully guided hunting and non-guided hunting in Pits, Blinds and designated hunting areas in Rice Fields, Bean Fields, Flooded Timber, Sloughs and breaks. Our key to outstanding success is a combination of several significant factors: more than ample habitat, limited hunting, and food plots for our wintering waterfowl to rest, feed and take shelter from the elements.

If you want to use a guide for your group, you have it available. If you don’t, we will simply get you to and from the hunting areas each morning. If you choose hunting with a guide, you are encouraged to use your duck call, and bring your own dog. After all, this is what makes waterfowl hunting—the experience and participation. One thing you can count on regardless of which service you choose is excellent hunting!

As a kid growing up in the early 60’s, I hunted ducks along the MS River near Hughes, AR. I can remember just how difficult it was for a young kid with limited resources (and certainly without the modern day equipment we have today) to bag a limit of ducks, when in the surrounding area there were fancy private clubs that seemed to be so easy for them! I promised myself “one day” I would have one of those types of clubs and after many years of hard work and development I now do! The people I meet and hunt with make the most enjoyable part of operating Big Creek Waterfowl Club. We have guests from the East to the West Coast, North to South, in the U.S., and as far away as Europe and Asia hunt with us each year.

A Typical Day starts off with an unlimited supply of coffee/juice in the mornings, then all the hunters meet at the “Duck Shop” and the guides will take their designated hunters out from there. We typically hunt til about 10:30 in the morning, return to the Duck Shop where all the gear and birds are properly taken care of. Our Lodge is smack in the middle of our hunting area, so no long rides/drives to the hunting areas. Afterwards, a southern breakfast made for Kings!  Afternoons are usually filled with Upland Bird Shooting or Goose Hunting, followed by a wonderfully prepared dinner in the evenings.

food & lodging  Yes
unguided hunts  Yes
goose hunting  Yes
equipment  Yes
bird processing  Yes
dogs welcome  Yes
women/children welcome  Yes
mixed hunting parties  No
wingshooting  Yes
skeet shooting  Yes
hunters can you accommodate  30