Experience paid off for Brad Allen.

Allen, of Judsonia, won his second World’s Championship Duck Calling contest in Stuttgart over the weekend. Allen, a 12-time competitor, won his first contest in 2010 and outperformed 62 contestants to win his second.

“I took the same routine and practiced it over and over again to polish it up,” Allen, 39, told the Stuttgart Daily Leader.

The field was whittled to 36 and then to a final-round 15, which Allen bested using a call made by Stuttgart-based Rich-N-Tone. He is the 98th Rich-N-Tone user to win a world competition in any category and it was the seventh title for a Rich-N-Tone caller in the past 10 years. Each of the 2012 World titles were won by a RNT caller. 

Harrisburg’s Charles Petty won in the Senior World category; Hallie Horton, of Luxora, won the Women’s World; Bobby Spivey, of Baltimore, won the Intermediate World title; Chloe Lane, of Stuttgart, won the Junior Women’s World and Stuttgart’s Reece Stephens took the Junior World crown.