Greenhead presents the 2023 Executive Q&A featuring a panel of executives sharing their must-haves, top tips and favorite memories in the field.

Scott Hilburn

Co-Owner and Principal Broker, Alluvial Land Co.
Partner, Hilburn & Harper, Ltd.

Number of days you hunt a season? 35-40

Where do you hunt? Just east of England

Club name? Pecan Grove Hunting Club

What kind of gun do you use? Benelli SB3

Favorite duck call? Rich-N-Tone DC Diablo

Fields, reservoir or timber? I regularly hunt all of the above, but timber is king.

Rainy, nasty or bluebird sky? I’ll hunt anytime I can break free, regardless of the weather, but cold, bluebird, with a 10 mph wind is ideal.

Favorite hunting story/memory? I have had the privilege of duck hunting with my dad, Sam Hilburn, at both Hampton’s Reservoir and Miracle Mallard every year since I was a little kid. Those hunts are always memorable, and his friends, who were gracious enough to invite us, have now become my friends. It’s a pretty cool, full-circle experience. On one of my first deer hunts with my dad, he took me down to east Arkansas, and we hunted on a Saturday morning for three or four hours and only saw a few doe off in the distance. Meanwhile, my mom told us that a six-point walked up our driveway back home in North Little Rock. Also, being with my daughter, Annaleigh, when she killed her first deer on our family farm was a day I’ll never forget. I’m looking forward to many more hunts with my girls in years to come.



What got you into hunting? My dad introduced me to hunting and fishing when I was a little kid and, as they say, it was all over from there. While not a huge outdoorsman himself, he understood the importance of getting kids outside in God’s country, and I will forever be grateful for those experiences. I’m now trying to pay it forward with my kids and my friend’s kids.

What is your most unusual “must have” in the duck blind? In my younger days, a Cherry Coke and a Caramelo candy bar were definitely in my regular rotation while hunting all day with Robert “Fel-Cheezy” Feltus and Ted “the Tank” Garrison in the Carlisle rice fields.

Where is your go-to spot for breakfast/meals on a hunting weekend? Depends on where I’m hunting, but Advada’s Diner in Carlisle is tough to beat for breakfast. Jones BBQ in Marianna and The Tamale Factory in Augusta are solid choices for lunch and dinner.

If you have children, do you take them duck hunting? If so, what are some of the highlights from these youth hunts? My much better half, Laura Hilburn, and I have two daughters, Annaleigh and Aniston, ages 9 and 5. I’m a proud girl-dad, and some of our best memories have come from time spent together outdoors. I have taken both of them hunting, and Annaleigh has killed three deer so far, one being a really nice six-point. She also came really close to killing her first duck on one of the youth days last year. She’ll be back after her first duck this season, and Aniston is right on her heels and looking forward to catching up with her big sister.

Which Arkansas executive calls ducks the best? Robert Feltus and Joel Whicker can talk to them pretty dang good.