Greenhead presents this year’s Executive Q&A featuring a slate of executives, headed by Gov. Asa Hutchinson, sharing the moments, tips, guns and gadgets that have made their time afield special.

Number of days you hunt a season?
About every day; around 50.

Where do you hunt?
Woodruff County.

Club name?
Green Oaks Hunting Lodge.

What kind of gun do you use?
Super Black Eagle Benelli semi-automatic.

Favorite duck call?

Fields, reservoir or timber?
Flooded green timber.

Rainy, nasty or bluebird sky?
Clear and cold.

Favorite hunting story/memory?
I‘ve grown up hunting my whole life; there’s way too many — from kids killing their first duck to the last hunt I had with my dad before he passed. There’s a lifetime of memories, different hunts you’ll always remember. It’s almost a heritage.

What got you into hunting?
My dad. I can’t remember not duck hunting; he started taking me when I was little. Everyone in the family hunted.

If you have children do you take them duck hunting? If so what are some of the highlights from these youth hunts?
Absolutely. Both Maddison (25) and Carson (21) hunt with me and we still have fun hunting together. I even take my future son-in-law, Cameron. And no, I haven’t shot him … yet.

What is your most unusual “must have” in the duck blind?
Copenhagen. I don’t require much. I travel pretty light.

Which Arkansas executive calls ducks the best?
Jim Ronquest (Rich-N-Tone Calls Inc.).

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