Greenhead presents the 2021 Executive Q&A featuring a slate of executives sharing the moments, tips, guns and gadgets that have made their time in the field special.

Mark Bentley

Managing Director/Partner, Colliers

Number of days you hunt a season? Fifteen

Where do you hunt? Humnoke

Club name? Prairie Woods

What kind of gun do you use? Twelve-gauge Benelli Super Black Eagle

Favorite duck call? RNT Short Barrel

Fields, reservoir or timber? Fields and timber

Rainy, nasty or bluebird sky? Bluebird

Favorite hunting story/memory? Big hunting trip in Stuttgart with 13 guys in a lodge. Thirty minutes before shooting time it was raining sideways. Nine chose to sleep in. I was berated by some buddies to get out of bed and go. Four of us bagged full mallard limits in 15 minutes. You might imagine our boisterous arrival back to the clubhouse.

What got you into hunting? My dad took me when I was 10. I’ll never forget the first group of mallards dropping in the timber. I was hooked.

What is your most unusual “must have” in the duck blind? Music on my phone. The ducks don’t mind.

Where is your go-to spot for breakfast/meals on a hunting weekend? Always at the clubhouse. Home cooking is best.

Which Arkansas executive calls ducks the best? Would hate to leave anyone out. So, I’ll name a few: Chuck Cook, John Rutledge, Gar Lile and Jim Kincannon.