Heavy rainfall hit the state Thursday and early Friday to put a little more water on the Grand Prairie in anticipation of opening day for the 2013-2014 duck season. Many public hunting areas are still deficient but conditions are more favorable than earlier this week. 

An artic cold blast is due to hit Arkansas tonight and will drop temperatures drastically compared to the 80 plus degrees we had just a week ago. The cold front should push some new ducks into the state as temps in north Missouri are going to be in the mid teens Saturday night. North of that is even colder including -17 degrees in Saskatchewan at this time.

Duck popuplations from personal observations are decent for pre-Thanksgiving hunting. Ducks are bunched up on spots that have water but will be able to spread out after this rainfall. After the shooting starts this weekend, it won’t be all bad they will have some spots to get away from gunfire.

Public ground has a long ways to go in most locations. Even with all this rain, as of today, the Cache is only expected to get to 6.5 feet which won’t help a whole lot for hunters. The White River will only reach 12.7 with current forecasts. 

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Good luck out there this weekend and be safe.