One of our Facebook friends saw this video yesterday on our Facebook Page and remarked, “Guess you don’t believe in usin’ cover to hide ya’ll’s selves.”

Our response? On that morning in east Arkansas, they didn’t need any cover. The hunting was that good. And during a waterfowl season that’s been this dry and spotty, you might as well have fun while you can, since things could easily change the next day.

And have fun they did. Pro Staffers Brent Birch, Joel Whicker along with Shane Smith, John Gibson, John Schillinger — and two retrievers, Smith’s Brody and Birch’s Ridge — slayed ’em. The best stuff we don’t even get to see, since most of the mallards were killed in the low light conditions of early shooting time.

Still, it’s a nice slice of a wildly successful hunt, as the final frames can attest. And how ’bout those dogs?