With the ease of reporting bird bands and turning around the information instantly online, the US Fish & Wildlife Service is looking to save a penny or two by doing away with practice of mailing the Certificates of Appreciation as in year’s past. The 2011-2012 season will be the first season where hunters will no longer receive the frameable certificate in the mail.

I have said for years I was going to frame mine up and hang on the wall in my home office with my mounts and photos. Unfortunately they still sit in a drawer with the only recent reference being to see how many came from Saskatchewan after my early October trip. Fascinating data if you think about it…makes one wonder how in the world a duck makes that many trips up and down the Mississippi Flyway unharmed.

Despite the inability to get a printed certificate, hunters still need to take the two to three minutes required and report any banded ducks or geese they encounter. Bands can be reported via 1-800-327-BAND (2263) or go online to reportband.gov. If you want a record of the data related to the band, you must provide an email address so the information can be sent your way.