Job Title/Position
President & CEO

Preferred Medical
(also a member of Banded Brands and Avery Outdoors ownership group committed to waterfowling)

(L-R) Chad Belding, of Fowl Life TV, and Todd Ross.

Number of days you hunt a season?

Where do you hunt?
Jefferson and Arkansas Counties.

Club name?
Prairie Wings.

What kind of gun do you use?
Benelli Super Black Eagle 3.

Duck call?
Elite Duck Calls (out of Arkansas).

Fields, reservoir or timber?
I’ve hunted it all, but prefer timber over any kind.

Rainy, nasty or bluebird sky?
I’ve hunted in all conditions, but in the timber, the bluebird sky always produces the best results.

Favorite hunting story/memory?
Always enjoy hunting with my dad for years. At Prairie Wings we have hosted some amazing guests. Hosting Zac Brown and Drake White and filming episodes of The Fowl Life makes for great fun, capped off with a great meal with friends and sitting around the fire with guitars and singing along with these great guys.

What got you into hunting?
I hunted with my dad from a very early age, and growing up in Arkansas it was a common hobby in our family and friend groups. Getting into waterfowl was an extension of this and a time we dedicated to do things with our friends and fellowship. The beauty of the timber and watching the ducks work and the dogs do their thing provides for a morning that is hard to beat.

If you have children do you take them duck hunting?
If so what are some of the highlights from these youth hunts?
One daughter (Sydnie) and a new son-in-law (Sean Landers) and I look forward to showing that Texan what Arkansas duck hunting is all about.

What is your most unusual “must have” in the duck blind?
Diet Mountain Dew and Jack Links Jerky.

Which Arkansas executive calls ducks the best?
Brandon Adams, Reliance Health Care.

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