Sitka Gear of Bozeman, Montana recently released a new line of state-of-the-art turkey hunting gear with intentions of keeping hunters dry, comfortable and away from the bugs. The pants and hoody battle insects with three layers of protection including limited skin exposure, bite-reduction fabric and Insect Shield® built into the clothing.

The attire is ultra-lightweight, comfortable and will wick away moisture in hot, humid conditions and the hoody features a built in breathable facemask and a long tail that tucks into the pants to prevent chigger/tick exposure. The pants include internal leg gaiters to help keep chiggers and ticks from crawling up your pant legs.

Sitka’s new pack-like Equinox Turkey Vest is built for the run and gun turkey hunter. Well organized and efficient, the vest has all the bells and whistles packed into a streamlined look. 

The collection comes in various Optifade camo patterns as well as some solid colors. 

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