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Buying Article Rights
Rights to republish and excerpt Arkansas Business, Northwest Arkansas Business Journal and articles are sold through

Rights cover all types of uses, including academic and commercial. They also cover reprints that appear in newsletters and online.

To request a quote to republish articles, and to buy rights to republish articles, follow these steps:

1. Go to
2. Under “Get permission,” click “Find title.”
3. Select how you wish to use the article, then click “continue.”
4. Search for the publication title. Search for “Arkansas Business.”
5. A list of rightsholders will be display. Next to “Arkansas Business” click one of two options: “Order” or “quick price.”
6. Clicking “order” will allow you to enter more about how you will republish the article, and then allow you to purchase those rights. You will be asked to register an account with the service. Then you will be able to buy article rights.
7. Clicking “quick price” will allow to get a quote on the rights without registering. After getting the quote, you will be able to buy the rights.

Using this service buys you the rights to the article for a limited period. You’ll need to purchase the text of the article ($2) via’s articles archive. If an article predates or is not included in our online archives, contact our circulation department at (501) 372-1443.

Buying Reprints
Arkansas Business Publishing Group provides print reprints of articles appearing our publications that are suitable for framing and display. To request a reprint of an article appearing in Arkansas Business, contact:

Audra Wallace
501-372-1443 ext 320

Other Questions
If you have other questions about either service, please contact us.