About Webbfooted Kennels
Founded in 1989, Webbfooted Kennels has trained over 4000 quality gun dogs for the hunting public. We have always strived to produce the best hunting companion possible for our clients and have changed our methods and equipment over time to ensure our success.

Our training program begins at 6 months of age, starting with an evaluation of retrieving desire during the first month. We use both bumpers and birds in our field training while also teaching the basic obedience commands heel, sit, stay, kennel, here, and no. Gunfire is properly introduced at this time as well. All of this is a lot for a young pup to learn but we want to make sure the dog is a good prospect before we continue foundation training.

Once the basics are solid, now we move on to forming the concepts of fetch, hold, and leave on command. Delivery to hand while coming to heel is must, dropping of the bird before then is eliminated. Obedience and marking are continued during this second month as well.

The third month is devoted to bringing the training together to provide you with a dog to be proud of. Steadiness or waiting until commanded to go is now introduced as well as double marks thrown at a distance instead of at your side. Bumpers are replaced with training birds for most of the marking and guns are used to simulate the hunting experience. At this point, you can really see a duck dog coming together. We usually will continue the training for another month to familiarize the dog with blinds and boats as well as changes in cover and terrain. Marking lengths are increased while constantly working on obedience to get the dog ready for the upcoming season.

Do and Don’ts

Don’t: Don’t steady a puppy too early. Making them stay, while you’re throwing the retrieves, dampens their desire to retrieve. Don’t: Shooting around puppies in the wrong way that will make them gun shy which is the hardest thing to fix. Do: Introduce puppies to warmer water only. Puppies are not equipped with the same coat as adult dogs and exposure to cold temperatures too early can cause a poor attitude towards water.

What Makes Us Better?
Experience makes us better. Webbfooted Kennels, Inc. has been in the training business for over 23 years. We learn something new every day that makes our life and the dogs’ lives better. Chris is a duck hunter and knows what kind of dog it takes to endure the hunting situations. Webbfooted Kennels, Inc. owns its own training areas. We have customized grounds, from stripped mowed cover to our seven ponds and lakes, each designed with stumps and duck blinds. We take great pride in have built and accomplished and we want to share that with you.

Professionally Trained
Owners should bring their dog to be professionally trained because we know how to do it the correct way. We have the equipment, training grounds, and facilities. We have time which most working people with families do not. Time is your greatest commodity and it becomes precious between work, family obligations, and church on Wednesday & Sunday, all of this leaves little time for dog training. Each of our ponds has a different look to train for every situation. We have all of the latest equipment to train with at all times. We are sponsored by Avery® Outdoors and they keep us in all the latest decoys and dog trainer supplies on the market. SportDOG Brand®e-collar keeps us in the latest high-tech e-collar equipment. Purina Pro Plan® is used to fuel our dogs and keep them healthy. Our kennel is second to none with a 7500 sq. ft indoor facility to keep the dogs out of the elements, away from bugs, and clean and safe.

• puppies for sale – Yes
• started dogs for sale – Yes
• finished dogs for sale – Yes
• stud service – Yes
• duck dog basics dvds  – Yes

Webbfooted Kennel, Inc.

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