About Single Shot
Single Shot Retrievers is located in central Arkansas and specializes in retrieval services and training quality gun dogs at an affordable price. Services include obedience training, waterfowl training, retrieval services, and upland bird training. Single Shot Retrievers also reconditions dogs who need a little “pep in their step” before hunting season. In addition to these services, we offer a retrieval service using our dogs for duck hunts or upland bird hunts when groups or individuals are lacking dogs for hunting occasions. If you want a completely trained gun dog, Single Shot Retrievers is ready to help the client choose from a selection of professional training programs.

Most Rewarding
At Single Shot Retrievers we are most rewarded when a customer returns to tell us how great the dog performed on its first hunt. When you have a well-trained, happy dog, we have a happy client. That is what Single Shot Retrievers strive for and is our motto for our company.

Why We Are The Best
Single Shot Retrievers trains all its clients’ dogs to hunt using training methods that focus on the dogs’ natural instincts. This approach makes them the best hunting dogs they can be. Single Shot Retrievers keeps in mind that all dogs are not created equal in their abilities to learn and retain information. We individualize our training to each dog and in doing so, we can earn the dogs’ respect without fear or pain. This approach creates a true bond that will not only lead to a better hunting companion, but also a better friend.

Puppies for sale Yes
Started dogs for sale Yes
Stud service Yes
Types of training Obedience training
waterfowl training
upland bird training
reconditioning training
Dog breeds you train Most sporting breeds

Single Shot Retrievers, LLC
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