Habitat Flats
14585 Hwy E., Sumner, MO 64681
(660) 734-3195

ABOUT ::  HABITAT FLATS We are fortunate to have over 35 pits and above water wooden blinds in the timber, not including areas we hunt with layout boats and ground blinds, and several thousand acres of some of the best dry field duck and goose hunting in the Midwest. At full capacity, we take six groups of four duck hunters…meaning over 80 percent of our spots are rested on any given day, not counting the areas we refuge for the entire season!

A Typical Day
Wake up early to a nice, hot breakfast for those who want it, or sleep in a little longer and have a continental breakfast or hot sandwich on the way to the blind. Morning duck hunts, taking place in intensely managed areas, generally result in full straps of ducks prior to lunch. Come back to the lodge for a hot lunch and possibly a nap. For those who choose to, afternoon upland bird hunting for pheasants and quail over well-trained pointing dogs is available. A five star dinner overlooking the Swan Lake National Wildlife Refuge concludes an excellent day of wingshooting!

Why We’re Best
We spare no expense in managing our farms to their fullest potential; managing to have birds the entire year even as their nutritional needs change based on the weather and also managing pressure. Our excellent staff at the lodge and five star meals make this an unforgettable experience for our hunters.

Most Rewarding Part
Putting in the sweat equity in the offseason to set the waterfowl ‘buffet table’ and seeing the thousands upon thousands of fowl that stay on our properties every year is extremely rewarding. However, interaction with our clients is the most rewarding; possibly showing them something they have never seen before, hearing how they do stuff and what works for them in other parts of the country…ultimately providing them with not only a good hunt, but an all around incredible experience they will never forget!

food & lodging  Yes
unguided hunts  No
goose hunting  Yes
equipment  Yes
bird processing  Yes
dogs welcome  Yes
women/children welcome  Yes
mixed hunting parties  Yes
wingshooting  Yes
skeet shooting  No