About CrossHeirs Retreat
Duck hunting is about more than just ducks. It’s about a hearty breakfast after a cold morning in the woods. It’s about a good afternoon nap in a quiet room. It’s about good friends telling stories around a fire pit…some of them true. It’s about a dinner so good you talk about it until you come back again next year. If you want more out of your next church, business or family duck hunting retreat you need to stay at the CrossHeirs Retreat Center.

Most Rewarding
Meeting people from all walks of life and providing a venue where they can relax, reflect, refuel and leave refreshed. Life is about the stories you tell and we love providing life long memories!

Why We Are The Best
The combination of ideal location, excellent food and personal service might be why the Wall Street Journal described Big Jim’s Lodge as the “Taj Mahal of Duck Hunting!” Set on a 280-acre farm surrounded by Bayou Meto, the 14,000 square foot, 16-bedroom facility is the ideal location for your next lifetime memory.

Typical Day
There’s no easy way to wake up at 4 a.m. but the smell of freshly brewed coffee sure helps. Fueled by a continental breakfast our guests depart for their morning adventure and return to an excellent country brunch! The rest of the day is left for naps, challenges on the skeet range, business meetings or an afternoon hunt all before a delicious dinner. The towering den makes the perfect backdrop to reflect on the days hunt, bask in the glow of the wood burning fireplace or challenge your friends to a game of pool!

• Food & Lodging Yes
• Unguided Hunts Yes
• Goose Hunting Yes
• Equipment Yes
• Bird Processing Yes
• Dogs Welcome Yes
• Women/Children Welcome Yes
• Mixed Hunting Parties Yes
• Wingshooting No
• Skeet Shooting Yes

CrossHeirs Retreat Center
140 Pintail Lane
Humphrey, AR  72073
(501) 352-3465 | Email