ABOUT ::  Bayou Bottoms   At Bayou Bottoms we have one goal and that is killing waterfowl. We offer a comfortable, clean lodge out in the country to relax and unwind on your trip. It sleeps fifteen and is fully furnished with a working kitchen.

When you book a hunt at Bayou Bottoms your party will have exclusive access to our entire farm. We only book one group per day so there is no competition among other hunters, allowing your group to move around our farm to your desired blind. Our guides, with over fifty years’ experience, will put you in the best spot we have for that day-guaranteed!! For us to be the best at what we do, then we have to give you, the best opportunity for killing your limit. Our duck blinds are thirty-five to forty feet long, and hunt eight men comfortably. Eight man limits are very common.

We also have heaters in our blinds for those cold days and cook stoves for coffee or even a mid-morning breakfast. We usually arrive at the duck blind twenty minutes before shooting hours to insure being ready at daybreak. A typical day we will hunt until noon to allow the ducks to rest in the afternoon. Killing out before noon is not uncommon.

Now thirty-nine years old, I started duck hunting with my dad when I was five. So the most rewarding part of my job is getting to take kids hunting and showing them a hunt they will never forget, and make memories they might cherish with their fathers.

For more information please visit www.bayoubottoms.com

lodging  Yes
unguided hunts  Yes
goose hunting  Yes
equipment  Yes
bird processing  No
dogs welcome  Yes
women/children welcome  Yes
mixed hunting parties  No
wingshooting  Yes
skeet shooting  No