Winter is still in the prime of life but baseball fans are breathlessly awaiting the latest reports from Major League spring training or celebrating the recent start of college baseball season.

The Arkansas Razorbacks have begun their quest to make a repeat appearance in the College World Series while the big leaguers in Arizona and Florida have begun their preparations for Opening Day in late March.

Luckily for the duck hunting afficionados who play the game, the regular season, be it college or pro, doesn’t conflict much with waterfowl season and gives players plenty of time to get from the dugout to the wetlands in the fall and winter.

Greenhead caught up with former Arkansas Razorbacks player Josh Alberius and friends to explore how they turned their own hunting-hardball connection into a business. K Zone (the name is baseball shorthand for “strike zone”) has spawned a YouTube channel, web site and line of apparel.

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