Duck hunters love gear and always seem to need more “stuff”. Something for the boat, the dog, the gun, the club house and so on. Below you will find some links to some neat gifts ideas produced by Arkansas-based companies or individuals.

Duck Calls

Just about everyone knows RNT Calls based out of Stuttgart and for good reason. RNT racks up World Duck Calling Championships with regularity including the 2010 winner, Brad Allen of Judsonia. But there are other fine callmakers that have a niche following as well. Tip: If your duck hunter is new to duck calling or you hear he/she complaining they can’t get the sound right, look for a double-reed call. Double-reeds are much easier to blow and reproduce that mallard hen sound. A more accomplished caller will prefer a single-reed call.

And every duck call needs a lanyard. Check out Relixx Custom Lanyards based in Fort Smith.


Whether a new shotgun or improving an existing, duck hunters have to rely on trustworthy weapon while spending days afield. Tip: New technology in the world of choke tubes, barrel porting and other after-market shotgun accessories can greatly enhance a hunter’s ability to down ducks on the wing as well as reduce recoil. If your duck hunter struggles with his aim, don’t run out and buy a new shotgun. Look to improve his shotgun with some of the aftermarket parts by experts located right here in Arkansas.


Arkansas is home to outstanding artists and galleries with beautiful renderings of a duck hunter’s world.  Framed prints for the office, the den or the duck club would be a welcome gift to any waterfowler. Tip: A neat gift idea (if your duck hunter happened to save all his/her past licenses) would be to frame each of his signed duck stamps (they should be affixed to his/her license) into a collection. You could buy a ready made stamp collection frame or make one with some creative matting. 

Duck Dogs

Who doesn’t want a cute lab puppy around the house destined to be a duck retrieiving machine? If your househould already has a retriever, consider investing in some training lessons as a Christmast gift. Tip: Be smart about buying a puppy without some real guidance. “Backyard Breeding” has caused some real issues in the Labrador Retriever bloodlines with bad traits and genes being passed through generations. Seek a reputable breeder/trainer like the ones listed below and seek their advice. Their dogs come with a premium price tag ($750 and up) but worth every penny in terms of getting a healthy, trainable, well mannered dog.


Coats, decoys, waders, gloves, hats … if you are looking to buy local, there are plenty of retailers scattered throughout the state offering top of the line equipment for the duck hunter(s) in your house. Tip: Much like anything else, the extra expense for the “brand name” products made by names such as Drake Waterfowl, NatGear, Under Armour, Browning, Avery, Columbia, etc. is worth it. The “cheap” stuff will let a duck hunter down on the days its 30 degrees and sleeting. Having a duck hunt ruined because your clothes can’t keep you warm is a bummer. Spend the few extra dollars for the good stuff. Your waterfowler will appreciate it on those nasty weather days.

Duck Hunts

Check out our Enhanced Listing in the Guide Services section of for some outstanding guided hunt opportunities. Let someone else do all the work and your waterfowl can enjoy a different experience than they get at their club or lease.  Great food, fine lodging, entertaining and experienced guides and some of the finest hunting grounds in Arkansas are available if you can find a suitable date. Tip: Look for a guide service that offers a different experience than your duck hunter is used to. If your waterfowler primarily hunts fields, try a guide service that specializes in timber hunts or vice versa.