Job title/position: Vice president, commercial lending

Company: Simmons Bank Jonesboro

Number of days you hunt a season? Approximately 30 (I have three kids under 13 – self-explanatory).

Where do you hunt? Black River, St. Francis River and Village Creek mainly — but occasionally some local rice fields.

Club name? Tatonka Trace Hunt Club.

What kind of gun do you use? Beretta Xtreme Unico semi-auto.

Duck call? Echo.

Fields, reservoir or timber? I prefer timber hunting over anything — but I go wherever the ducks are.

Rainy, nasty or bluebird sky? Bluebird Sky is my favorite — but anytime I can get away with my 13-year-old Mason it really doesn’t matter what kind of weather it is.

Favorite hunting story/memory? When I was in high school me and two of my friends were hunting a blind known as “sunshine blind” on the St. Francis River off of Lead Fork Run. We were having a great morning already with lots of action, but around 9 a.m. the sky turned black with ducks and we lit the entire group of mallards. We watched ducks fall into the hole for 20-30 minutes.

I always had a passion for duck hunting before that moment, but watching that many birds light into a small hole in the woods was the biggest rush I had ever had while hunting. Forgive me for the pun, but that was a “game” changer.

What got you into hunting? My father Kelley Webb — without a doubt. He had a love for duck hunting and the outdoors and thankfully he shared that passion with me. My first duck hunt was with him on the St. Francis River near Trumann. It was a perfect day and we had a great flooded timber hunt. That’s where it all started. Over the years he started focusing on deer hunting and land management. I still love hunting with him but I never turn down a great duck hunt.

If you have children do you take them duck hunting? If so what are some of the highlights from these youth hunts? My wife and I have three beautiful children (Mason 13, Morgan 11, and Collins 3) Mason, our only son, already has a passion for the outdoors, especially duck hunting. We’ve had some great hunts in fields and in the timber. One thing about Mason — be it a great hunt or a slow hunt, you can never tell if he’s upset about the outcome. He loves being outdoors and he loves everything about the hunt.

What is your most unusual “must have” in the duck blind? Plenty of flashlights, a good compass and a waterproof lighter. I’ve had several instances where all of these came in very handy.

Which Arkansas executive calls ducks the best? I would have to say it’s a tossup between my good friends Blake Rogers of Shelter Insurance or the late Kody Riggan of Legacy Equipment of Paragould.

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