Advertise On This Site and can integrate marketing and advertising messages into its content, providing a targeted campaign on one of Arkansas’ most popular and informative Web sites.

The Web is an effective, exciting place for advertisers to target their message and interact with potential customers. An advertisement on and not only communicates with a desirable and specific readership, but also serves as a gateway to more information about the advertiser’s product or service. It also provides a link to the advertiser’s Web site.

And, because our goal is to provide the best results for our advertisers’ dollars, we strategically place ads within our content to maximize reach to qualified prospects.

Advertising Specifications
Advertising creative sizes have been set to minimize page loading time, while remaining current and competitive with industry advertising creative standards.

All artwork submitted must include advertiser branding (i.e. company name, product name or logo) and must be accompanied by a technical contact name, e-mail address and phone number. In addition, all artwork should include traffic instructions including linking URL and rotation instructions if applicable.

Type Banner Pixel Size (File Size)
Skyscraper 120*600 (45-60KB) (#)
Leaderboard 728*90 (50-75KB)
Box 180*150 (25-50KB) (#)
Box II 300*250 (75KB)

Supported creative types

  • Animated GIF (single to 3 frame banners accepted)
  • JPEG
  • Flash

NOTE: For Flash banners, click HERE for the instructions on how to insert the necessary banner tracking code into your Flash banner.

(#) only and reserves the right to refuse any creative.

Supported creative types for Box style ads

  • Animated GIF (up to 3 frames)
  • Flash
  • No media rich creatives

Ad Format/Creative Types

  • The following formats will NOT be accepted: Audio, Video, Java, DHTML, Enliven, Enliven Expand, ILAYERS
  • All creative submissions are subject to approval. We
    retain the right to pull any creative for reasons including but not limited to questionable content, broken image or link or interference with our site.
  • All creatives must conform to the 15KB maximum file size, including all necessary images and files. Animated banners require 4 business days turn around.
  • A default GIF must be submitted with all formats that will not function properly in all browsers.
  • Flash will be approved on a case-by-case basis.
  • Ads must not modify any elements of a user’s browser or computer settings.
  • No non-user initiated ads (begin a video, pop-up, expand across the screen without a user action).
  • No ads that resemble editorial content (exact or close replica).
  • Ads must not include references to unless approved by ABPG as part of co-promotions.
  • Ads, when clicked, must spawn a new window.
  • Ad code must be attached to e-mail as a .txt file.

Cancellation Policy
Advertiser campaigns will be pulled within 24 hours of written confirmation. In the event of cancellation, advertisers will be billed on a pro-rated basis subject to terms of advertising contract.

Standard creatives are due at least two full business days prior to ad start date and/or rotation date. Animated GIF ads are due at least four full business days prior to ad start date and subject to testing.

Delivery Methods
Contact your account executive for details on sending banner ads or creative materials.

Please contact Bonnie Jacoby via email or (501) 372-1443 for additional information about online advertising with and